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Aruba Instant On Access Points
Blazing-fast performance. Sets up in minutes.


Indoor Wireless Access Points

Instant On AP32 Access Point

WiFi 6 icon AP32

Extended capabilities and dedicated band for Wi-Fi 6E devices.

Instant On AP25 Access Point

WiFi 6 icon AP-25

Ultra-high-speed performance for high-density small businesses.

Instant On AP22 Access Point


Wifi 6 Enabled, Designed for small retail stores and home offices

Instant On AP21 Access Point

WiFi 6 icon AP21

Powerful Wi-Fi 6 for the small spaces like home offices, restaurants, and conference rooms.

Instant On AP15 Access Point

Designed for small business deployments with high performance demands

Instant On AP12 Access Point


Perfect for busy retail stores, medical offices and hospitality.

Instant On AP11 Access Point


Perfect for fast paced businesses, startups and power users.

In-Room Wi-Fi Certified 6™ Access Point

In-Room Wireless Access Points

Outdoor Wireless Access Points

Instant On AP22D Access Point

WiFi 6 iconAP-22D

Ideally designed for one-room wireless access with four 1GbE downlink ports for hard-wired devices like printers, desktops or phones.

Instant On AP11D Access Point


Perfect for homes offices and where built-in Ethernet ports save space.

Instant On AP17 Access Point


Designed for harsh outdoor environments

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Key features you can count on

Mesh Wi-Fi icon

Smart Mesh? It’s Wi-Fi pure genius

Mesh Wi-Fi allows you to connect and build out a network of access points without the need for added cabling. Easily set up in just minutes, a single network can support up to 25 access points. Say goodbye to dead zones and hello to getting in the zone.

Manage icon

Manage and monitor your network on the go

Deploy and manage your network on the go from the mobile app or cloud-based web portal at no extra cost. Run your business remotely, add devices, and manage your site anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

security icon

Latest wireless security that’s easy to count on

Simply use secure WPA3/WPA2 or secure open Wi-Fi network access with OWE authentication on your Wi-Fi networks, and we do the rest. Or, in a single click, you can block application categories and unauthorized devices that could compromise your network.

IT support to keep your business up and running

Without IT staff, you need a partner that is there for you whenever you need a little support. Aruba Instant On offers a range of services with no subscription or licensing fees. That means you get all the software and security your network needs, at one all-inclusive price.

limited warranty icon

24-month warranty for access points

phone icon

24/7 telephone access to Aruba technical support experts for the first 90 days

chat icon

24/7 chat support

software-update icon

Complimentary software updates as long as you own the product

shipping icon

Next Business Day (NBD) advanced replacement hardware support

warranty icon

Industry-leading warranty terms and conditions

Aruba Instant On Warranty and Support Services

Aruba Instant On comes with a 2-year* warranty for Aruba Instant On access points, a limited lifetime warranty for Aruba Instant On switches, and 3-year warranty for Aruba Instant On transceivers and DACs.

*WARRANTY & SUPPORT: Aruba Instant On 2-year warranty includes 24X7 phone support for the first 90 days and chat support for the entire warranty period. Community support is for as long as you own the products.

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