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How It Works
See how to easily set up and manage your Wi-Fi network.

Get started with HPE Networking Instant On

See how to easily set up and manage your Wi-Fi network. Explore the mobile and web app, choosing the best option for you. Discover our comprehensive customer support. HPE Networking Instant On is business Wi-Fi made simple.

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1 Indoor/Outdoor access points An access point connects to a switch, which then enables wireless devices to connect to the internet via a Wi-Fi signal.
2 Network switch Network switches enable connections to wired devices within a network and are typically connected to the internet via a modem. To enable communication between different wired devices, ethernet cables are plugged into a switch.
3 Wireless devices Types of wireless devices connected to the internet via access points include laptops, mobile devices, and thermostats.
4 Wireled devices Examples of wired devices connected to a network via a switch include servers, printers, and security cameras.

Managing your Instant On network

Get the control you need to run your business on your terms. Manage your network from your mobile device or the browser of your choice. No licensing or subscription fees required.

  • Monitor and manage up to 50 Instant On devices (access points and switches) because they manage switches as well
  • Keep tabs on who is connecting to which sites and apps
  • Block specific clients from accessing your network
  • Prioritize video and voice applications
  • Set limits to stop bandwidth hogs from slowing things down
  • Save power and enhance security by limiting Wi-Fi access hours with PoE scheduling
  • Create separate guest and employee networks

Get down to business with an effortless network set up

In the time it takes to make a cup of coffee, you can set up a network for your small business or home office.


Prepare your workspace

Whether you’re video conferencing or have multiple devices going at once, you need a reliable network. Offering the fastest connectivity available to eliminate bottlenecks, HPE Networking Instant On helps you and your employees stay productive.


Power up your access point or switch

Connect your HPE Networking Instant On access points to the wired network that provides your internet connectivity using either Private Network Mode or Router Mode.


Download the mobile app

To start using the Instant On mobile app, visit the Apple App or Google Play stores and search for HPE Networking Instant On. Then, simply install the app onto your smartphone and go!



Create, configure, and connect

When you're ready, create an account and configure your network. Once you’re powered up and configured, you can connect.


You’re done!

Now simply monitor and manage the rest from your phone or web app.


HPE Networking Instant On FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about HPE Networking Instant On. If you can't find the information you're looking for below, please feel free to reach out to our support team at any time.

The HPE Networking Instant On community allows members to search for information, read and post about topics of interest, and learn and help each other. In the community, you will find:

  • Boards where you can post questions and answers
  • Blogs where you can read and comment on articles
  • Idea exchanges where you can suggest ways to improve products
  • Vote for ideas that other community members have posted, and much more

Your user name appears whenever you post or send private messages on the HPE Networking Instant On community forums. Most people create anonymous names for the sake of privacy and to help them feel more comfortable participating. So be creative and have fun with it!

Yes. Open your favorite browser and use this custom URL to connect. Don’t forget to bookmark it for easy retrieval later.


No. After you set up your account and onboard your device for the first time, your Instant On device(s) will be automatically registered. However, should you need any additional information, you can find it in our HPE Networking Instant On Warranty and Support Services FAQs.

Get the FAQs

Where you place access points plays a crucial role in radio frequency coverage. Here are placement recommendations for Instant On access points as well as instructions on how to easily mount it around your home office or small business.

Read the Guide

Yes. Instant On currently supports up to three administrative accounts for the same site, offering an option to lock accounts to prevent them from accidental deletion. Go to the site management settings and use the options provided to add another account or replace an existing one.

Yes. An internet connection is required to register and onboard your Instant On device using a mobile app or the web portal. Once you have a connection, setting up is a snap.

HPE Networking Instant On General FAQs

As updated on 11-18-2022.

You can purchase Instant On devices from any authorized or selected reseller. Please Contact Sales for more information.

HPE Networking Instant On devices includes switches and wireless access points. Check out HPE Networking Instant On's complete portfolio here.

Yes, HPE Networking's portfolio is available for purchase through partners worldwide.

Use Instant On devices anywhere! They’re perfect for a small business, home office, boutique hotel, medical clinic, and more

Yes, Instant On can be managed with the Instant On app without any additional subscriptions, licenses, or hidden fees.

Instant On devices can be managed through the cloud portal or mobile phone Instant On Switches additionally provides local management using Web GUI at no additional cost.

Yes, the internet is required to register and onboard your Instant On device in case of cloud management.

Yes, you can set up your device on your computer by visiting

No, your Instant On devices will be automatically registered once you onboard your device.

HPE Networking Instant On access points come with a 2-year warranty. Instant On switches come with a limited lifetime warranty. Our Instant On transceivers and DACs have a 3-year warranty. For more information please refer to the warranty FAQ

Instant APs are designed for medium to large deployments and are managed by HPE Networking Central or Airwave. Instant On access points are designed for small business customers who have little to no IT support and therefore need a simple, easy-to-use network solution.

Questions? We're here to help.

From offering expert advice to solving complex problems, we've got you covered. Get in touch with an Instant On Solutions Specialist today to learn more!