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HPE Networking Instant On 1830 24G 12p Class4 PoE 2SFP 195W Switch

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HPE Networking Instant On 1830 24G 12p Class4 PoE 2SFP 195W Switch
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Our Price: $349.99
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HPE Networking 3 Year Foundation Care Next Business Day Exchange 1830 24G 12p PoE 2SFP 195W Switch Service (JL813A)
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HPE Networking 5 Year Foundation Care Next Business Day Exchange 1830 24G 12p PoE 2SFP 195W Switch Service (JL813A)
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HPE Networking Instant On 1830 Series Family

HPE Networking Instant On 1830 Switch Series

Perfect for home offices, retail stores, small professional offices

Small businesses continue to face challenges to stay afloat as the world wrestles with this multi-year pandemic. They need day-to-day tasks to be simple to keep operations running smoothly, and with increasing costs making it more expensive than ever to stay in business, they need affordable solutions.

Fast, reliable, and secure network connections play a critical role in helping businesses maintain a competitive advantage. At the same time, with constrained resources and a growing number of interconnected devices, getting the most valuable networking solution for the money has become a basic need for budget-strapped small businesses.

HPE Networking Instant On 1830 Switch Series is an affordable, easy to deploy, smart-managed switch series for small businesses looking for a cost-effective ways to keep up with evolving network demands. These are entry-level switches offering Layer 2 switching capabilities, Gigabit connectivity along with flexible management modes — all at an affordable price point.

🚀 Plug-and-Play Simplicity

Enjoy fast, configuration-free Gigabit Ethernet switching right out of the box. Say goodbye to complex setups and get connected in no time.

💡 Power over Ethernet (PoE)

With up to 370W PoE, you can power access points, IP phones, surveillance cameras, door locks, and other IoT devices, eliminating the need for extra power cables and adapters.

🔒 Reliable and Secure

Rest easy with fan-less operation, providing low power consumption and silent operation in noise-sensitive areas. Also, protect your network with enhanced security features, including TPM-based security and VLANs.

🚀 Gigabit Speeds

Connect faster with Gigabit Ethernet speed, ensuring smooth data transfers and efficient communication across your network.

💪 Quality of Service (QoS)

Prioritize critical voice and video traffic for optimal performance, ensuring high-quality communication for voice calls and video conferencing.

🌐 Simplified Management

Say goodbye to ongoing maintenance. These switches are unmanaged and require no configuration, freeing you from network management headaches.

🛡️ Industry-Leading Support

Benefit from expert-level support with a limited lifetime warranty, 24/7 phone support for the first 90 days, and chat support throughout the warranty period.

1930 Switch Series Simplicity

Simplicity at its best

Plug-and-play switches that work together with Instant On APs right out of the box

Mobile app to easily setup, monitor and manage your network.

1930 Switch Series Security

Security you can count on

Protect your network from unauthorized access with Global Storm Control, TPM (Trusted Platform module) based security and VLANs

Automatic denial-of-service (DOS) monitors and protects the network against malicious attacks

1930 Switch Series Covered

We’ve got you covered

No extra licensing or subscription fees

Industry-leading limited lifetime warranty and support

With a flexible management dashboard, Power over Ethernet (PoE) options, and energy-efficient features, these switches deliver a solid business network for small businesses with limited budget.

The HPE Networking Instant On 1830 Switch Series includes six switches: two (2) 8-port, two (2) 24-port and two (2) 48-port models in PoE and non-PoE configurations. Besides powering up through a power adapter, the 8-port non-PoE model can also be powered from an external PoE switch, offering greater flexibility for space-constrained environments by eliminating the need for additional power outlets and simplifying wiring infrastructure.

With PoE models, up to 30W PoE power delivery is available for Class 4 PoE devices like access points, surveillance cameras and VoIP phones. The 8-port, 24-port and 48-port PoE models come with the power budget of 65W, 195W and 370W respectively to support latest IoT devices.

Using either the Instant On mobile app or the cloud-based web portal, you can quickly set up, monitor and manage the 1830 Switch Series from anywhere at any time.


  • Smart-managed Layer 2 Ethernet switch series ready to deploy in 8-, 24-, 48-port for non-PoE and Class 4 PoE models
  • Up to 370W of PoE to power APs, IP Phones, surveillance cameras, door locks and other IoT devices
  • Two (2) and four (4) dedicated 1G SFP fiber ports on 24- and 48-port models respectively to eliminate traffic bottlenecks across your network
  • Cost-effective PoE Support: with half of the ports capable of supporting PoE, these switches are ideal for cost-sensitive environments.
  • 8-port non-PoE switch that can be powered by an upstream Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch for environments where no line power is available.
  • Convenient mobile app and web-based GUI for set up, management and troubleshooting
  • Compact and fan-less 8-port non-PoE and PoE, and 24-port non-PoE model for acoustically sensitive environments

HPE Networking Instant On Warranty and Support Services

HPE Networking Instant On comes with a 2-year* warranty for HPE Networking Instant On access points, a limited lifetime warranty for HPE Networking Instant On switches, and 3-year warranty for HPE Networking Instant On transceivers and DACs.

* WARRANTY & SUPPORT: HPE Networking Instant On 2-year warranty includes 24X7 phone support for the first 90 days and chat support for the entire warranty period. Community support is for as long as you own the products.

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