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HPE Networking Instant On 1960 48G 2XGT 2SFP+ Switch

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HPE Networking Instant On 1960 48G 2XGT 2SFP+ Switch
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Our Price: $1,199.99
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HPE Networking Instant On 1960 Family

HPE Networking Instant On 1960 Switch Series

In today’s digital-first environment, small businesses face many challenges to stay afloat and competitive. With tight budgets and limited technical expertise, they’re struggling to keep up with the explosion of devices and bandwidthheavy applications running on the network. To optimize both performance and investment, small businesses need costeffective, next-gen networking solutions.

The HPE Networking Instant On 1960 Switch Series is an easy-to-use and affordable wired solution for networks supporting IT, mobile and cloud applications.

HPE Networking Instant On 1960 Switches are advanced, smartmanaged, fixed configuration Gigabit stackable switches designed for small and growing businesses that are easy to deploy and affordable. These switches are designed to scale as business grows, making adding more employees, devices and applications simple. HPE Networking Instant On 1960 switches are made to handle today’s bandwidth-heavy applications like voice and video conferencing, enabling consistent connectivity to improve user experience and application performance.

🚀 Smart-managed Layer 2+ Switches

The HPE Networking Instant On 1960 Switch Series is designed to deliver high-performance networking for small businesses. These switches come in 24- and 48-port models, with options for both PoE (Power over Ethernet) and non-PoE configurations.

💡 Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The PoE models of the HPE Networking Instant On 1960 Switch Series provide up to 600W of PoE power, enabling you to power various devices such as access points, IP phones, surveillance cameras, door locks, and other IoT devices. This eliminates the need for extra power cables and adapters.

🔒 Reliable and Efficient

The switches operate without fans, resulting in low power consumption and silent operation, making them ideal for noise-sensitive areas. They also come with enhanced security features to protect your network from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

🚀 High-Speed Connectivity

With dedicated 10G SFP+ fiber and 10GBase-T uplink ports, the 24-/48-port models offer faster network speeds, eliminating traffic bottlenecks and ensuring smooth data transfers across your network.

💪 Quality of Service (QoS)

Prioritize critical voice and video traffic with QoS capabilities, ensuring optimal performance for voice calls and video conferencing, resulting in high-quality communication experiences.

🌐 Simplified Management

The HPE Networking Instant On mobile app and cloud-based web portal provide simple, user-friendly management of the switches. Cloud-managed stacking allows easy configuration, management, and troubleshooting of multiple switches as a single entity.

🛡️ Industry-Leading Support

Benefit from expert-level support with a limited lifetime warranty and 24/7 phone support for the first 90 days. Chat support is also available throughout the warranty period, ensuring your network is well-supported.

1930 Switch Series Simplicity

Simplicity at its best

Plug-and-play switches that work together with Instant On APs right out of the box

Cloud-Managed stacking to configure and manage multiple switches through the Instant On mobile app

1930 Switch Series Security

Security you can count on

Protect your network from unauthorized access with Access Control List, IEEE 802.1x and VLANs

Automatic denial-of-service (DOS) monitors and protects the network against malicious attacks

1930 Switch Series Covered

We’ve got you covered

No extra licensing or subscription fees

Industry-leading limited lifetime warranty and support

The HPE Networking Instant On 1960 Switch Series includes five switches: two (2) 24-port and two (2) 48-port models in PoE and non-PoE configurations, and a 12 port 10-Gigabit aggregation switch. The access switches each have two (2) 10GBASE-T and two (2) 10G SFP+ uplink ports for highbandwidth connectivity. The 1960 aggregation switch comes with twelve (12) 10GBase-T and four (4) SFP+ ports, providing 10G connectivity to servers, network storage devices and access switches alike. With PoE models, up to 30W PoE power delivery is available for Class 4 PoE devices like access points, surveillance cameras and VoIP phones, and up to 60W PoE power delivery is available for Class 6 PoE devices like pan-tilt zoom cameras and video-enabled IP-phones. The 24-port and 48-port PoE models come with a power budget of 370W and 600W respectively to support the latest IoT devices.

The 1960 switches provide stacking capabilities: up to (four) 4 switches (access and aggregation can be mixed and matched in a stack) can be stacked together and managed through one single management IP address, simplifying network operations. This means up to 288 ports, including 16 10G uplink ports, operate as one switch.

The 1960 switches support stacking through local and cloudmanaged stacking modes. Local stacking provides True Stacking to easily configure, manage and troubleshoot physical switches as a single entity, while cloud-managed stacking provides ease-of-setup via the Instant On mobile app.

Using either the Instant On mobile app or the cloud-based web portal, you can quickly set up, monitor and manage the 1960 switch series from anywhere at any time.

HPE Networking Instant On Warranty and Support Services

HPE Networking Instant On comes with a 2-year* warranty for HPE Networking Instant On access points, a limited lifetime warranty for HPE Networking Instant On switches, and 3-year warranty for HPE Networking Instant On transceivers and DACs.

* WARRANTY & SUPPORT: HPE Networking Instant On 2-year warranty includes 24X7 phone support for the first 90 days and chat support for the entire warranty period. Community support is for as long as you own the products.

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