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HPE Networking Instant On

HPE Networking Instant On for Hospitality

5-star stays. No IT headaches.

Whether you run a small B & B or the hottest boutique hotel in town, fast, secure, and reliable network access is key to guest and employee satisfaction.

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Deliver VIP Treatment With HPE Networking Instant On Solutions

Hospitality Solution products


  • AP11D — access point delivering full, in-room Wi-Fi

  • AP17 — the ideal outdoor access point for dining and leisure areas

  • AP22 / AP25 — deliver super-fast Wi-Fi 6

  • 1930 / 1960 Switch — expand bandwidth with room to grow and Power over Ethernet models that eliminate the need for other power sources


  • Simple installation and management
  • Cloud-based, remote management
  • High-speed Wi-Fi that reaches every corner
  • Dependable connectivity for guests
  • Connectivity outdoors
  • Capacity to support large gatherings
  • Easy to scale, add bandwidth
  • Simple troubleshooting with single network view
  • Built-in security and protection
  • Separate guest and employee traffic

Exceed guest expectations

Guests expect increasingly more out of their travel experiences. And with voice assistants, Bluetooth IoT gadgets, and more going mainstream, they expect their hotel to be as tech-savvy as they are.

However, those bandwidth-demanding smart devices can put excess load on the network, resulting in slow and spotty Wi-Fi. Instant On access points and switches help growing hospitality businesses without dedicated IT staff deliver state-of-the-art amenities without breaking the bank.

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Keep your guests checked in

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Bolster common areas

From parking lots to poolside, your hotel front lobby and shared areas are the defining first touchpoint for guests. Dead zones and spotty connectivity can be prevalent in common areas, affecting both guest experience and interactive signage.

Powered by Smart Mesh, Instant On APs work together to automatically extend coverage of broad areas, enabling seamless roaming. Combined with the expanded port capacity of Instant On, you get an ideal network solution to handle high-bandwidth digital signage, POS systems, and video walls.

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Innovative smart rooms

From keyless doors to touch panels to control lighting and window coverings, smart devices can give hotels a competitive edge.

To realize that advantage, these smart devices need the next-gen wireless connectivity that Wi-Fi 6 technology offers. Instant On APs allow you to prioritize voice, video and other multimedia applications to ensure the best experience. And our APs are also backward-compliant, supporting older smartphones, tablets, and other technologies.

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Protect guest and employee data

Hotels are handling and storing more and more sensitive guest data, from home addresses to credit card information. Keeping data safe becomes even more complicated if your B&B is operating on a single network where all data collection occurs. As a result, smaller hospitality businesses, often without cybersecurity specialists, are increasingly vulnerable to bad actors.

HPE Networking Instant On APs and switches offer built-in security that automatically protects against malware attacks. Using the mobile app, you can create separate networks, segment traffic, and define who can access the network to help prevent cyberattacks.


Recommended Products

Staff up on blazing fast Wi-Fi networks

Access points and switches tailored to the demands of hospitality.




The HPE Networking Instant On AP11D supports up to 50 active devices and is ideally designed for one-room Wi-Fi coverage on the same premises as your main network.



HPE Networking Instant On AP17 Outdoor access points extend support for up to 50 devices from parking lots to poolside so you can meet your customers where they are.



Designed to handle a high volume of connected devices, this Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ (Wi-Fi 6) access point is perfect for reimagined offices, schools, and retail/hospitality businesses.





Delivering superior performance, coverage and speed, the AP25 is the perfect access point for tech start-ups, gaming, boutique hotels, and professional offices with higher device capacity and superior coverage.

Instant On 1930 Switch Series

1930 Switch Series

HPE Networking Instant On 1930 switches are a series of smart-managed, fixed-configuration switches that are an affordable wired network option for smaller hotels.

Instant On 1960 Switch Series

1960 Switch Series

HPE Networking Instant On 1960 switches are a series of smart-managed, fixed-configuration stackable switches with expanded port capacity that are an affordable wired network option for hotels with demanding multimedia needs.

Success Story Spotlight

Wi-Fi woes no more—HPE Networking Instant On comes to the rescue forOccidental Papagayo Hotel

When Occidental Papagayo Hotel in Costa Rica faced connectivity issues, the hotel turned to HPE Networking Instant On, resulting in improved guest experiences and greater peace of mind for hotel management.

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