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HPE Networking Instant On AP17

Supports up to 50 active devices

Perfect for:

Pool iconPool Areas

Patio iconPatios

parking-lot iconParking Lots

Open Air Venues iconOpen Air Venues

Standalone | #R2X10A

Our Price: $199.99

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Our Price: $199.99
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HPE Networking Instant On AP17

Perfect for patios, pool areas and shipping docks.

Small businesses are facing a number of challenges that need constant attention, so setting up and running a network shouldn’t be on that list. Choosing the best Wi-Fi for your business should make your life simple.

HPE Networking has made it easy to keep Wi-Fi users happy, mobile devices connected and your network secure. Setting up employee and guest networks is a breeze. Smart Mesh Wi-Fi makes it easy to cover every room without wires. And bandwidth hogs and unknown devices on your network are a thing of the past.

Whether you own a small retail store or a busy bed and breakfast, Wi-Fi plays such a critical role today. HPE Networking Instant On Access Points (APs) are easy to deploy and manage — at an attractive price point. Everything from mounting hardware to easy-to-use web and mobile app management tools, and business-grade software features are included — no extra charge or need for external controllers.

🌐 Wi-Fi That Works Outdoors

Keep your employees and guests connected in patios, pool areas, and shipping docks with powerful outdoor Wi-Fi.

⚡️ Fast and Reliable Performance

Enjoy lightning-fast 802.11ac Wave 2, 2X2:2 MU-MIMO performance for up to 867 Mbps wireless data rate, with seamless handoff between APs for uninterrupted connectivity.

🔒 Secure Your Network

Protect against unauthorized access with Two-Factor Authentication and future-ready WPA2/WPA3/OWE authentication, ensuring your network remains secure.

🎯 Advanced Management

Take full control with an easy-to-use web and mobile app, allowing you to manage multiple sites, networks, and deployments with ease.

📶 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Support

Easily extend coverage to hard-to-reach areas where Ethernet cabling may not be available, creating a Mesh network within minutes.

🚀 App Visibility and Control

Get insights into running apps on your network and block unwanted applications, ensuring optimal performance for essential tasks.

💻 Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi

Ensure 5-star voice and video quality with Wi-Fi Alliance certified APs that prioritize essential applications like Skype, FaceTime, and WeChat.

🔄 Multi-Site Management

Manage distributed deployments and multi-tenancy setups with logically separated sites, each having its own configuration and privileges.

🛡️ Built-in Security Gateway/Firewall

Prevent external threats with advanced features, eliminating the need for external gateways and reducing complexity.

👥 Easy Guest Access

Customize your guest Wi-Fi experience with branding, bandwidth rates, data usage, and more, or utilize open guest networks for quick access.

HPE Networking Instant On Warranty and Support Services

HPE Networking Instant On comes with a 2-year* warranty for HPE Networking Instant On access points, a limited lifetime warranty for HPE Networking Instant On switches, and 3-year warranty for HPE Networking Instant On transceivers and DACs.

*WARRANTY & SUPPORT: HPE Networking Instant On 2-year warranty includes 24X7 phone support for the first 90 days and chat support for the entire warranty period. Community support is for as long as you own the products.

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